EIB: Closer than you think: The future of transport

While in Luxembourg a few days ago, I was lucky to hear about EIB’s vision with regard to the future of mobility. It is a vision I share and it is best described by Gavin Dunnett, the director of Mobility at the European Investment Bank:

The future isn’t easy to predict. The information technology revolution, for example, has not diminished the demand for travel, as some predicted. If anything, it has fuelled the expectation that goods can be ordered and delivered from anywhere in the world, and that the remotest corners of the Earth are now accessible. To invest in the future, we have to ensure that our existing economy and society continue to thrive. This requires fast and efficient transport connections.

The World Health Organisation estimates that nearly five million people die each year from traffic accidents or respiratory disease linked to air pollution. This is an appalling scale of human tragedy. The EIB therefore increasingly supports cleaner and safer transport. We have launched a Cleaner Transport Facility to help roll-out alternative fuels and are working with other international institutions and businesses to make road safety audits a prerequisite for all our projects.

EIB's Gavin Dunnett (Lucian Vinatoriu)

“Within our lifetimes, autonomous and electric vehicles will become the primary transport on our streets” Gavin Dunnett, EIB’s Director for Mobility, gives his take on the future of transport http://bit.ly/2gxIamT