How To Make Your Fleet Management Strategy Work

Let’s make it clear: the right fleet management can drive to business results. But many fleet managers worry about challenges instead of challenging the status quo of their fleet: “How do we cut the costs?”, “How can we decrease the damage ratio?” , “Why our mileage tracking is so unaccurate?” , “Why do the drivers feel so unhappy?” or “Why are’t our lease rates lower?’

No matter your fleet size, you can always improve your fleet management.

First of all, get rid of your legacy approach. If your current approach is excel and paper-based , it is time you learn change management and revisit your strategy. You are leaving money on the table by creating budget deviations and not maximizing on productivity.

If you are using legacy fleet management solutions that are too complex, expensive and inefficient, you are sabotaging the success of your business and it’s not delivering real value nor for your firm, nor for your drivers.

The costs of maintaining a legacy system, including upgrades and patches, can hold your business back from making more relevantinvestments. And importantly, if your solution doesn’t KISS (keep it stupidly simple), you’re cut off from expanding your capabilities and service offerings.

Then, adopt technology.

Most cloud-based fleet management solutions are at once affordable and exceptionally easy-to-use. Learn their benefits and then go promote them into your company. People are reluctant to change. Until they see the benefits.

The next generation solutions doesn’t have complicated installations and gives you flexibility into using either a self-installed device or a mobile-based offering. These solutions give you substantial cost advantage due to data automation in the backend and unlike legacy solutions, they are true SaaS built from scratch to give you the edge that you need to keep your drivers and your management happy.

Finally, simplify & optimize. The first role of the fleet managers is to make life easier for everyone.

Your fleet reflects your business. It needs your attention, and making the most of your fleet-related resources— drivers, vehicles, support personnel, road data, services, providers—will lead to business results. Employing a comprehensive fleet management solution enables you to act quickly and strategically while keeping your fleet healthy and productive.

It’s time to get strategic about your fleet management.

Lucian Vinatoriu