Electric Vehicles Cannot Deliver Instant Gratification. Or can they?

Mrs. Clara’s all-electric vehicle was great for shopping around the city and visiting friends. It was a reliable car, with a range of 80 miles on a single charge and it featured ‘regenerative braking’ technology. Running on electricity, the smooth car was also clean, safe, durable and almost maintenance-free, a must-have for a busy woman in her 50’s like Mrs. Clara was. But that was in 1915 and she was the wife of Mr. Ford, the famous car manufacturer.

That’s right, exactly one hundred years ago, electric vehicles were mainstream. True, they were slow, but people were patient back then. With autonomies comparable to those of the present-day all-electric cars, they sold in thousands and cities like New Work were populated by recharging stations everywhere. One of the most reliable brands was Detroit Electric, and women preferred them instead of gas cars because their simplicity of use, no risk of oil spills and no engine failures (read frequent explosions, as it was happening with petrol cars of that age). No wonder Mrs. Ford owned three Detroit Electric EV’s and loved the model, despite her husband producing thousands of oil-based vehicles, famously known as Ford Model T.

Back in our time, we are witnessing the second advent of the Electric Vehicle. Gadgetry aside, the functioning cycle remains the same as a century ago: charge – drive – recharge.

The Age of Instant Gratification

The problem, however, is that the car buyer today lives in the age of Instant Gratification (IG): getting information, food, traveling, socializing and living in general is subject to this new phenomenon, never known before in humankind history. Now people demand to have or experience something without delay. Now. Now…NOW!! Never before were people able to access instant _____ (insert whatever noun defines your lifestyle and it will work for sure), at the push of a button, or swipe of a card or at the approach of a NFC-enabled device. Globally, patience is not a required virtue anymore. Except in one minor technical area: recharging an EV.

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